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The end of an era. (Or, goodbye Dr Pepper.)

If you know me well, you know that I use (and love) Lip Smacker’s Dr. Pepper chapstick, on a daily, if not hourly, basis. In fact, it’s been my favorite lip balm since elementary school and while there was a lull … Continue reading

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Eating: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I’m no food blogger but I have one friend who blogs regularly about food and another that has given it a shot and in my mind, both have done a great job. I do think of sharing recipes from time … Continue reading

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Detox complete, sort of.

Well I finished my detox last Friday. For four weeks straight, I had NO refined sugar (white sugar, raw sugar, white bread, potatoes, white rice, etc), NO coffee or black tea and NO alcohol. I did allow myself honey and … Continue reading

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Detox, week 4: Discipline

Remember the Green Smoothie Challenge? Yeah, well, that didn’t go so well. Someone forgot that eating raw greens like spinach and kale was detrimental to an already ailing thyroid and the natural treatment of said ailing thyroid. I spent Monday and Tuesday … Continue reading

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Detox, Week 3, Green Smoothie-style

Wow. They don’t call it a challenge for nothing. Yesterday, Nathan and I jumped into the Green Smoothie Challenge with blender and greens in tow. We started with a breakfast smoothie (Nathan made a bunch of that and took it … Continue reading

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No, I’m not quitting. I’ve been thinking about quitting, just the concept in general, over the past few days. I’ve thought about whether it is easier to quit something or to start it? Because most times, it seems so overwhelming add something … Continue reading

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Detox, Days 6 & 7.

(Hi friends!!) Wow. It’s only been one week. One week of being stringent and restrictive. One week of missing sweets, hot chocolate and coffee. One week of having to turn down drinking an awesome bottle of wine with really good … Continue reading

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