Looking back, looking ahead.

Wow, here we are, on the other side of the 2011 holiday season.

There is so much to do, looking forward, but looking back, there is much to think about:
Since Thanksgiving, I feel as though (like all of us) life and time were passing me by and there were things I had hoped to do that did or didn’t happen, but mostly, I look back and feel like it happened, I got through it and I barely remember it.
I had hoped to do a Jesse Tree reading each day with our kids, but as usual, we started out strong and then fizzled as December went on. Two perspectives on that one: Oh well, we tried and darnit, I guess they won’t know the true meaning of Christmas until next year. Even though we tried to remind Amos of THE greatest gift and the reason for the season, somehow, I feel that it just didn’t go as deep as I wanted it to go. Oh well.
We DID make gingerbread cookies, get Christmas and holiday cards made and sent, teacher gifts distributed, a neighborhood holiday dinner hosted, gifts for family and friends purchased, house somewhat cleaned and organized, and trips planned and taken. Nathan got Advent services planned and carried off in addition to the rest of his work for the church and I got through it all with only 1, maybe 2, meltdowns! We experienced the holidays with our Kenyan students which made things busier but more meaningful, and got through getting to Amos to school on time each day, with homework completed.
Also, not in the plans were the stomach flu, colds, runny noses and other interruptions.
Wow. I look back and my soul feels unaffected by the reminder of the birth of our Savior. I feel tired and in some ways, glad to be done and ready for the new year to begin. Even though celebrating Christmas three times with family and the week of vacation afterward were all good, it was still tiring and even now, as we drive back home, I long for our quiet house, my bed and a place to put all of our loot.
So this month and year, what am I looking forward to?
I’m excited to homeschool Amos; to do a January (maternity-friendly) detox; to get our house ready to sell; to hopefully wake up early enough each morning so as to read and pray, maybe even with Nathan; to less TV, more reading; to better time together as a family; to welcoming a new life into our family, who hopefully, is full term and healthy; to growing relationally, emotionally and spiritually and above all, to trusting God with our future, with our family and hopes and dreams.
I guess I can resolve to do those things….maybe?!
***This is what I wrote as we drove back to Indy from a week of vacation in TN.
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About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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1 Response to Looking back, looking ahead.

  1. ande says:

    Seems like everyone I talk too had a good Holiday season but also busy and tiring! We are no exception:) Loved the card:) So you decided to home school? What is your maternity friendly detox? I’m curious:) I could use a nursing friendly one for sure! Glad you are -hopefully- feeling better! Also, did you type your blog post from the car? How?

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