Diary of a first trimester

Weeks 1-5: Yep, pregnant. Thoughts: I am glad this is happening now. I’ve always been wondering (since Flannery was born) if there was another to join our family? Who is it? Brother or Sister? How long will they inhabit my womb? Will they exit early? I hope not. What is their name? What will they look like and act like? Will they be mellow or more of the same? What is this going to be like? Is it really going to happen now?

From Day 1, I’ve felt pregnant. It’s never happened that way before but this time, there was no mistaking the classic symptoms as they came and went, pretty mildly. And then I hit Week 6…

Week 6: Thinking, talking about, looking at food all makes me sick, until I think/look at/talk about the right thing and then I want it, immediately. It’s like a switch was flipped somewhere and on Day 1 of Week 6, my body said, YES! LET’S DO THIS!!!! So here we are, emotional, tired, cranky, hungry, nauseous constantly and already pooching out like I’m four months pregnant. Wow. I already weigh what I did when Amos was born and what I weighed at 28 weeks with Flannery… at SIX WEEKS! I am hoping to walk on the treadmill most every day as soon as I feel better.

Week 7: Today, I want Doritos. And maybe Cheetos. I want to eat a BLT with Turkey and extra tomato for dinner, but we’re out of bacon. Peanut butter saved my lunch, but I’m hungry again. Nothing sounds good. Except Doritos. Regular potato chips and Kroger brand French Onion dip sounds really good right now, too.
Week 7, day 2: Tweet/Facebook status update (that I never posted): I can barely finish my favorite salad from Trader Joe’s. I feel totally like crap and have so much to do. This day has been challenging.
Oh and the thought/sight of meat: turkey, chicken, beef makes me sick. So much for protein!

Week 8: Praise God, here we are. Today, in thinking about what to have for lunch, I thought and thought and thought through all of the food we have and none of it sounded good. And then I got to hot dogs. And then I thought about Mac and cheese. And thankfully, we had healthier options for both. My tummy is so happy and I hope it doesn’t make me sick, later.
That’s been the theme this week, how not to feel sick. Some foods I don’t eat because they sound gross and some foods I do eat and then they make me feel gross. I feel like I can’t win. My constant meal companion is a bottle of pro-biotic enzymes that my mom gave me and they have worked, 99% of the time I’ve needed them to. I am finding now that I have to stay away from really really sweet stuff. So I am basically craving carbs, and greasy meat. Yum, right? I so wish I could down a whole blender-full of green smoothie, but as of now, I cannot.
Also, by 11 in the morning, I’m ready for a nap. And apparently, Flannery is too. Today, she was asleep by 11:15 and at 2 o’clock now, is just waking up. It was very helpful, today. I rested for a solid hour and a half and then had late lunch. At this point, I am just taking it one day at a time and am thankful for the nausea, however difficult it makes the days.

Tonight, we are going to see the little one(s). I’ve never gone this early, so I am excited to see who all’s in there and how many of them there happen to be. There aren’t twins in our family, but you never know, right?!
Also in Week 8–I got a cold, the worst I’ve had in years. My face hurt and I even spent a day in bed, it was that bad.

ps–There was only one! 🙂

Weeks 9-11: Food aversions continue. Sprite and potato chips, Arby’s, mac n cheese and hotdogs are some favorites, though, for curbing nausea.  It’s been a hot weekend and it’s gotten to me when I’ve been outside. I’m still super tired but have had bursts of energy, which I’ve needed, to get our house clean for guests and students.  Also, my emotions have been crazy. I’ve cried alot this week but I think it’s due to the combination of hormones/being tired and or/ hungry.

Weeks 11-13: Nause, exhaustion and hunger. Same as it ever was.

Weeks 13-15: So just like at Week 6, a switch happened at week 13. It was almost a sudden stop of the nausea happened. It was a few days into that week before I realized that it happened and I was so grateful. In the past, it has lasted up to 17 weeks but I feel like I finally have caught up and have done the first trimester in a normal time frame. I also feel less emotional, although, that usually depends on how much sleep I’ve been getting.

This, by far, has been the most challenging first trimester and pregnancy for me.  It feels like with each pregnancy, my memory has gotten worse and the number of things I have attempted each day has been fewer and fewer. It feels like I am coming undone. But the good has been that God has been humbling me and showing me through this how prideful and judgemental I am and used to be on friends of ours that were parents and on parents in general. It was always so easy for me to criticize their messy house or chaotic life. But now I feel like I’m one of them, simply because it’s the way it is in this season of life. I have found myself taking things a day at a time, trying not to have panic attacks or get too overwhelmed. I’ve prayed for strength and endurance (knowing that there are some out there that are waaay sicker than I am while pregnant) and God has heard my prayers and has provided. So it’s been a good but trying time.

I’m really looking forward to fall. I’m so glad that summer has passed and now, it’s just a matter of finding warm clothes that fit!


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Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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2 Responses to Diary of a first trimester

  1. Christina Summers says:

    Congratualations, Sarah! I didn’t know you were pregnant again. Glad to hear you’re feeling better…those first few months are so hard.

  2. Congratulations!! I had no idea! So happy for you and your family.

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