“Mom’s at a birth.” (A celebration of our natural abilities).

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, a week of celebrating while educating about this awesome natural gift.

I call it a gift because even though our female bodies are supposed to be able to do it, not everyone is able to and that is something to remember. I admit, I am guilty of judging a mom that I see bottle feeding their baby, thinking that they probably didn’t even try. But I don’t know their story and I shouldn’t judge. For whatever reason, there are just some that can’t.

There are many things our wonderfully female bodies should be able to do but sometimes don’t. One is give birth naturally. I grew up with my mom labor coaching her friends as they gave birth. She loved talking about natural birth and breastfeeding. She eventually went on to be a Certified Professional Midwife in TN, and now does homebirths and labor coaching in hospitals, as a doula. There are many, many times that my mom works hard to help a woman birth her baby naturally in order to avoid a c-section or other interventions. She is not anti-medicine or doctor, but she knows that God knew what he was doing when he designed us, and wants to give that confidence to other women.
There are times that it doesn’t work out, though. And in those cases, she is thankful for modern medicine.We planned to have a homebirth with our first child, but had a c-section instead. My body didn’t cooperate and forced our son into the world a bit early. But it’s ok. Again, we are thankful for modern medicine!

So this week, in celebrating Breastfeeding and all of its wonderful qualities, I want to also be mindful of those that didn’t make it. I want to be thankful for what my body can do and not judge others for not doing it. We all have a story. Maybe this is the week to share them!


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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2 Responses to “Mom’s at a birth.” (A celebration of our natural abilities).

  1. Katie White says:

    so agreed. good thoughts.

  2. Sarah, I think this is such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing these kind and considerate thoughts.

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