“Studying” Easter

“(A) Rich man bought our wandering world, our wonderful world, our wondering world. (A) Rich man came to pay the price, he paid it all…”    –The Welcome Wagon

This week, at Amos’ school, they are talking about Easter.
So when I asked this morning, exactly what they would be talking about, the answer I got was, “Easter bunnies and eggs. No religious stuff…” and it felt as if she said “no religious stuff” so that I wouldn’t be offended if they did talk about it. The irony was that if they are going to cover Easter (which in my experience, you try not to cover major holidays in class, simply because there might be families that don’t celebrate them…), that I would want it to be the religious stuff, because that’s what Easter is all about, whether or not you believe in it.
So I left his school (which is actually at a church) feeling conflicted and kind of weird. I felt like Amos was going to be lied to this week and that I was going to have to work overtime to tell him the truth.

(sidenote: This also made me think about how this is just the beginning–that Amos’ entrance into public school next year will bring with it a whole slew of lies that we’ll have to address, again and again. This thought made me sad too, feeling like I wanted to protect my sweet children forever…).

The thing is is that I have nothing against the Easter bunny, just like I have nothing against Santa. We grew up with both and, had great fun. I know my parents enjoyed doing them both too. And today, they love doing Santa with our kids at Christmas, which again, is ok.

Lately, my change of heart has gone from, “don’t be so uptight! Do you really not want your kids to participate with other kids in this cultural experience?” to feeling like we are lying to our kids or at least, not giving them the full story. Of course, this again, is for those that really believe in what it’s about and if you don’t, that’s ok. But I would be curious to know why and/or how you celebrate Easter.

The change, I think, has come from being at our church and from working at the church. Holy Week, leading up to Easter, has prayer services M-Th mornings and evenings and then services for Good Friday, Saturday Vigil and Easter Sunday. It’s a busy week. So with all that’s going on, it seems silly to shift our focus to the Easter Bunny because after all, what is he really doing for us? Not much, if he’s only bringing more stuff and candy.

I am thankful to be at a church that takes time out to really engage and focus on care for our souls (even though it makes for a busy week for our family.) I am hoping that even though we won’t be able to go to many of the services, that we’ll be able to observe Easter because of its true meaning; that we will understand our depravity and celebrate not how or because the rest of our culture is, but because we have been given true life.

(You might be reading this post twice. I originally posted these thoughts over at our family blog because I felt it had to do with our family. But this week, I hope to post more Easter-ly thoughts so I thought this was a good introduction for that.).


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