Out and About: Thrifting

Last night I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. Last night, I went thrifting. 
Since we moved to Indianapolis, I’ve mostly shopped at Goodwill and had only ventured once into Value World.
But as I thought about it today, I realized that my frequent trips to Goodwill don’t fall into the category of thrifting. Somehow Goodwill, with all of its cleanliness, fitting rooms and pricetags attached with little platic thingies, is in a whole different category.  And as I recalled our trip to Value World last night, it hit me: It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to a dingy thrift store where the price is written in crayon on a piece of cardboard and stapled to the item. I’ve missed it!

Thrifting is nothing new to me. I’ve been doing it for years and still do. My whole family goes thrifting and sometimes, we go together. My parents are always stopping into a thrift store to kill time and each Christmas, do much of their shopping at thrift stores.

Back in the day (’94-’96), we would spend all day Saturday driving around Nashville, thrifting. We would hit one Salvation Army and then head to Southern Thrift. We would end up at Music City thrift and at the end of the day, would always have so much good stuff. We would find old records, quirky mugs, fun tshirts with crazy stuff printed on them, vintage/70’s dresses, old Levi’s, amazing cordurouy pants, warm and funky wool sweaters and on and on and on. And the best part was sharing that day’s adventure with each other.

So when Emily exclaimed after dinner last night, “Let’s go to Value World!” and everyone else agreed, I got  so excited. Going to a thrift store with friends and without children might just be one of the most exciting and fun things to do these days. (Yes, I know, what a boring life I lead! Still…).

We had a blast finding all kinds of things, stuff for us and stuff for each other. We looked for things for Katy’s kitchen and for Emily’s Etsy shop. And of course now, my focus has shifted from tacky tshirts and vintage clothing to purses, name brand clothes and gently used children’s items. 
It was so much fun to walk in, spread out and then reconvene to show each other what we found. I got to hang out with Sarah, Casey, Katie and Angie, in real life and not just on Twitter!
I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed thinking about it today and reminiscing about our high school days. 
Thrifting is almost always fun; a journey and adventure with unlimited possibilities. So I just might have to get out to Value World more often.
One’s trash is another one’s treasure, right?!


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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8 Responses to Out and About: Thrifting

  1. I like to think of Goodwill as a gateway drug to the seedy underbelly of true junky brilliance. But whoa girl, once you get that high only achieved by finding that mint condition vintage wool coat for only $3, you will never be the same.

    I had a blast with ya, I say we do it again. Soon!

  2. punkinmama says:

    Sounds like a blast!

  3. Katy says:

    I’m wearing my handknit blue cardigan as I type ; ) AND I carried my new “boob purse” to dinner w/ the in-laws.

    And the alarm clock? It was the exact one that Tim had had for 15 years. When I put it on his bedside table, he said all felt right again with the world.

    I’m in for thrifting, sans-kids, anytime the opportunity presents itself! Now, if I could just get some of yous into yard-sale-ing.

  4. Bummed I didn’t end up with a wool coat or boobie purse, but the company was still way better than anything.

  5. Oh man, you took me back with the mention of Southern Thrift. We used to hit it up and chase it with a trip to Bobbi’s Dairy Dip. Good times. I’m drinking out of my very favorite Frankoma coffee mug I found there years ago.

    So much fun the other night.

    And Katy? I rock the yard sales. That’s how I know spring has finally arrived: when I see my first yard sale sign on my daily school commute. It makes me very, very happy.

    • I keep forgetting you lived in Nashville! You know the greatness that is Southern Thrift! I wanted to take everyone there had I gone to Blissdom. Maybe next year!
      And yes, yard sales are the next frontier. I love them and don’t go often enough!

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