Detox, week 4: Discipline

Remember the Green Smoothie Challenge? Yeah, well, that didn’t go so well.
 forgot that eating raw greens like spinach and kale was detrimental to an already ailing thyroid and the natural treatment of said ailing thyroid.
I spent Monday and Tuesday happily and willingly going along and then by Wednesday, I was very hungry and feeling really tired, which is not how you’re supposed to feel. So I stopped with the challenge and was pretty bummed. I was really hoping to finish something. I spent the rest of the week recovering from the havok I had raised.
On the other hand, Nathan felt great by Wednesday and continued with it until Saturday.

On Wednesday night, I two opportunities to break my detox. We had kringle brought to us for dessert for community group and then later, I went to hang out with friends and there was margaritas! Both times I wanted to partake and share with everyone the enjoyment. But I was encouraged by a friend to say no to the Kringle, so I withheld and in the end felt good that I did. It reminds me of when I was in labor with Flannery: I wanted an epidural to make the pain go away so I could rest, but I knew, deep down that I would regret my rash decision and I was happy I didn’t get it. I was so glad, in the end, to get through the pain. It made the relief that much better.

So I’ve been thinking about discipline. Not as in punishment, but sort of like diligence. A wise man once said, “Everything is permissable but not everything is beneficial.” It’s knowing what is good and what is not necessarily good and sticking to that commitment of choosing the good. When Nathan asked if I had broken my detox and had a margarita, I said no, that I would like to finish something!

This is our last week of P90X and then it will have been part of our lives for 90 days. Crazy. I did not stick to it as I had hoped, but rather, fell off the wagon a few times, as I knew would happen. But I have had little victories and I think going forward, my goal is going to be in weeks. I’m going to take exercising a week at a time and shoot for six out of seven days. Now that I know that exercising is helpful to treating my thyroid (and I know because I only exercised one day last week), I am motivated to keep going. Nathan wants to keep going, too, and with a possible tropical vacation to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary later this year, we want to look GOOD!
But I know it will take discipline to stick to that commitment, even when it hurts or I’m tired or not doing well. I know now that my body needs it and that both my body and soul will benefit.

(Bible reading has not been so good, so I’m going to take this week to catch up…)





About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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3 Responses to Detox, week 4: Discipline

  1. Jesky says:

    Why is it that doing basic self-maintenance like Bible reading, healthy eating, and exercising become SO difficult when you’re a mother? I’m doing similar things to try to wrangle myself back on track (was I ever on track???). The food part is easier for me (umm, except that I just ate chocolate cheesecake for breakfast because Ez finished my berries and oatmeal when I was putting Ivo down for his nap).

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