Detox, Week 3, Green Smoothie-style


They don’t call it a challenge for nothing.

Yesterday, Nathan and I jumped into the Green Smoothie Challenge with blender and greens in tow. We started with a breakfast smoothie (Nathan made a bunch of that and took it to work for the day…) and then I made myself a more lunch-y smoothie which is what Nathan had for lunch today. Our dinners last night and tonight were soups and they were so good!!

I’ve missed chewing and crunching and tasting and nibbling. BUT Nathan and I both feel great, considering all of the veggies and fruits we’re eating/drinking. It’s been a crazy two days and yes, it’s been difficult. I am having a hard time keeping my blood sugar up from lunch to dinner time, which means I struggle through the afternoon with staying focused and getting stuff done. I’ve been snacking on handfuls of nuts, which has really helped, but I am again realizing that my body needs protein and carbs, consistently. I can’t be one of those people who cut things out or my blood sugar suffers.

So here’s what we’ve been consuming in the form of veggie smoothies:

-Orange Juice
-Frozen Pineapple
-Frozen Strawberries

and this morning I had two hard boiled eggs, too, not in the smoothie!
This one is really sweet but a great way to start off the day. The sugar from the OJ and fruits really boosted me and I made it until Noon.


-Romaine Leaves
-Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
-Ginger Root
-1 Pear
-1 Apple
-A glass of water

(This is the recipe from the website…)
This one was spicy and tangy and tart. I didn’t love it but it was better than today’s lunch…

-Romaine leaves
-1/2 Avacado
-1/2 Banana
-1 Pear
-A glass of water

This one was not so good. But I ingested most of it any way.

This afternoon, even though I had had what I thought would be a better supply of fruits and veggies, I still had trouble with blood sugar levels and got so discouraged that I thought about ending it tomorrow. But I think I’ll just try to have the first lunch recipe, a chicken breast and some avacado and see how it goes.

Last night’s dinner:

Over the last two days, it’s felt like I’ve been fasting, and I feel like I’ve fought to keep going and in the absence of food, have thought about what I usually eat and what I feed my family.  Amos has greatly enjoyed the breakfast smoothie and I’m glad I’ve gotten to share it with him.
Nathan and I both have craved stuff that’s not only not good, but it’s bad…stuff like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, cheese danishes, beer, coca-cola, etc. The funny thing though is that the more I don’t eat this bad stuff, the more I see it all around us, I see people eating it and how bad it is. 

Apart from the blood sugar issue, I have felt light and healthy. I hope to try again tomorrow!


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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3 Responses to Detox, Week 3, Green Smoothie-style

  1. Kenny green-eyes says:

    i hear goldfish are an excellent source of protein to add to smoothies….

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