No, I’m not quitting.
I’ve been thinking about quitting, just the concept in general, over the past few days. I’ve thought about whether it is easier to quit something or to start it? Because most times, it seems so overwhelming add something but not as overwhelming to just not do something. For example, it takes a whole lot of planning and energy to exercise *every* day! But just not making coffee, or not taking dessert, is difficult in a different way.

When I thought about the things I have quit, it seems that some were harder than others. Yes, I’ve quit smoking a bunch and each time was really hard. But quitting sugar right now has not been as difficult.  So I guess it depends on what you’re quitting or adding that determines how easy it is, or not.

I still feel pretty good not being on as much caffeine, or sugar. I think it’s also really helping my thyroid. As I mentioned, I think it’s finally evened out, and one of the things that I think has helped has been my detox, as that’s one of the natural ways to help your thyroid condition.
I did almost have dessert the other night, though. It was an apple-y sauce over biscuits and I wanted it so badly! But I said no. I felt good but I missed it! I also miss chocolate. Right now, that’s a double whammy with the sugar and caffeine. Seriously, I can’t eat it before bed or I’ll be up all night!
And this week, my goal has been to exercise each day, which so far I’ve done. Instead of commiting to do an entire month or three months, I decided to just take it a week at a time. Because starting this habit has been the most difficult thing I think.

I read some of my One Year Bible, reading through Christ’s birth, the parables and beatitudes and up to chapter 9. So many thoughts and questions came up that I almost started writing them in the margin. I wish I had since I don’t remember them now. At any rate, I want to focus on detoxing my heart too, whatever that means!
This weekend, Nathan and I are going to figure out the Green Smoothie Challenge and start it next week. I do hope to lose a few pounds, but also, to sort of detox a bit further. I will still do healthy fats and lean meats, so we’ll probably still eat a “sensible” dinner! 😉 I’m interested to see how it goes.


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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