Detox, Days 6 & 7.

(Hi friends!!)

Wow. It’s only been one week. One week of being stringent and restrictive. One week of missing sweets, hot chocolate and coffee. One week of having to turn down drinking an awesome bottle of wine with really good blue cheese.  It feels like it’s been so much longer than that! The crazy thing is that I’m not really restricting that much! I know this because I am noticing that I am craving and eating things that have taste…from fat. I know, not all fat is bad, especially when nursing, but still. So I think that next week, I’m going to start the Green Smoothie Challenge, something that a friend told me about. It’s kind of geared toward someone wanting to lose weight, but I think that I also really want the health benefits…and I want to try to do veggies all week and see how I do. I will be adding in stuff for calories and fat for nursing, but it will be minimal compared to now! Nathan wants to do it too, so that will be helpful. But we’ll see!
As for exercise and eating well, blah. My body went on strike on Friday and Saturday so I didn’t exercise and didn’t feel badly about it until Saturday night. Saturday’s workout is kickboxing and that’s one that Nathan and I do together, and I really enjoy it. So I’ll be doing that one today!
Eating was ok until last night, when I caved and ate the last two pieces of pizza. I think that’s another reason why I want to do the smoothie challenge. I want to go further!
Yesterday, during church, we sent Amos’ to the Children’s Worship that happens during the sermon. I got to focus on the sermon for the first time in ages. What I got out of it was simple: I need to love and adore Jesus more. There are many things in my life that I adore: my husband and children, for starters. My family, my community, even my house. These are the things I would be very slow to let go of if someone asked me to. But where’s Jesus in that list? Probably toward the bottom, sadly. I felt convicted as I listened to Jason preach about loving our savior and pursuing that love and realized that I don’t do that.
I am thankful for a church that preaches about the realities of loving something other than Jesus, and how it will all let you down; that cares for its congregation with such grace and urgent care and for a place that doesn’t place any pressure on me to be someone I’m not. I’m thankful I got to hear the sermon yesterday and look forward to more Amos-less sermons, although, I did miss him during communion!

This week, I am again wanting to exercise each day and eat well. I am motivated by Mondays just as I am with the new year. So as soon as Amos’ friend goes home, I’ll be kicking and punching the air…I’m a bit too embarrassed to do it in front of them!


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One Response to Detox, Days 6 & 7.

  1. ande says:

    Did the Smoothie Challenge… sick:( Tried again a few months later when I wasn’t nursing….got even more sick:(:(:( I wish you luck my friend! I had more success when I added lean grilled fish, soaked nuts and avocado to the diet. I actually liked it. But I need to CHEW stuff!:) Hope you have better luck than I did. We still have green smoothies everyday but we eat a healthy MEAL for dinner:)

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