Detox, Day 1.

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to do a sort of detox, starting in January. There’s something about January that is fresh and free and it makes me take inventory and gives me perspective.
And there’s something about this January (I’m not pregnant this year, sleep deprived or anything else that might derail me…) that I feel extra positive about making new “resolutions” that I hope will stick with me throughout the year.
Since I’m still nursing, I can’t do a crazy detox where I only drink juice and green tea all day, although, I have considered it.
No, this detox is simple: no caffeine, no sugar and no alcohol. I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for most of last year and have truly felt that I need it to get through the day (and year). But now that Flannery is sleeping better, I feel free to break the habit and stop the dependence in hopes of feeling better. Also, I put copious amounts of half & half and sugar in my coffee (yum!) so I figured it I wanted to cut sugar, I would have to cut coffee, too. And cutting alcohol is just to continue to weed out stuff that is fun but unhealthy. I haven’t been drinking alot lately, so hopefully this won’t be too difficult.

Another part of my detox is to be faithful to the excercise regiment my husband and I are in the middle of: P90x. I’ve slacked a bit lately and haven’t been working out every day. But this month I want to try to work out each morning, no matter what (remind me of that at 5:30 am).

The last part of my detox plan is to try to read every day. I want to read the Bible but also read a book and actually finish it. I have a few that I have been reading over the last few years (sad, I know!), so hopefully I’ll be able to finish those *this* year.

So today I began. I woke up late but did exercise. I had a mug of green tea with honey (I know, it has the tiniest bit of caffeine) and took on the day. Overall it was good. I had energy from my workout and didn’t really feel hungry, due to the lack of coffee. Also, my blood sugar stayed pretty level all morning and even this afternoon.
I will admit to one Hershey’s Kiss and a few bites of Amos’ macaroni and cheese but other than that, no other sugar or refined flour.
I have yet to do any reading that doesn’t involve a cookbook or computer but the day’s not over yet, right?!
I am excited to see what happens. Since the day went better than expected, I can only hope that the days to follow will be good too.


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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5 Responses to Detox, Day 1.

  1. Sheila says:

    Good for you! I don’t think I could cut out both sugar and caffeine at the same time. 🙂

    One of my resolutions for this past year was to read more and I didn’t accomplish that in terms of pure numbers (I didn’t read more books in 2010 than in 2009) but I was happy with what I did read. This year I want to read some classics – the first is Confessions by St. Augustine.

  2. Beth says:

    I love the optimism of January and the fresh beginning it brings. I never make official “resolutions” but this year I’m am hoping and PLANNIING to develop more structure in our family life. I want us to be more intentional with how we use our time and I HOPE this allows us to be more “present” in each moment.

    Happy New Year. 🙂

  3. Jennie Rader says:

    I agree, January is refreshing and hopeful! I bet you will feel great doing the detox Sarah-after your body adjusts and all! Keep it up!!

  4. mamatoo says:

    I have quit coffee numerous times. I’m more of a warm drink with sugar addict than anything else. I love the ambiance and masterpiece of the senses coffee is. But I must say I have kicked it, hopefully for good, this time around. I’m 3 months clean and I don’t miss it. I don’t crave it.
    A couple things that helped was being laid back about it…I told myself if I really wanted a cup then go for it, especially on the weekends – it’s just turned out, I didn’t need to.
    And one of these. Or something similar. I’ve become a tea drinker (no sugar and mild teas). I still love the soothing nature of a hot drink. And having little kids, it stays hot.

    Now to kick sugar and wine. Maybe not wine:).

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