Ten years later…

Today, Amos and I baked our gingerbread cookies. It’s something that I used to do with my mom and sisters and is one of the few Christmas traditions I’ve brought to our little family.
As I was rolling the dough and cutting out the shapes, I started thinking back on Decembers past. I realized that this year marks some major milestones for our family and since I’m sentimental, I really enjoyed thinking back.


Ten years ago, on Dec. 23rd, Nathan and I got engaged. At first, I was totally surprised and then, was so happy. I was finally going to be able to be in love with my best friend. (Read our story here).
Being married to Nathan has been wonderful. We had a rocky start but that was long long ago and these days, we are a team. Every day it seems that I am reminded of what a blessing it is to be his wife. I hope I never take it for granted.

Five years ago, we threw caution to the wind and decided to try for a baby, leaving our DINK (double income/no kids) status behind. We had been married for four years and were comfortable in our little place of contentment with just the two of us. At one point, I actually asked, “We’re doing so well, are we sure we want to throw a wrench in the gears?” Yes, we were sure and yes, when Amos came into our lives, a major wrench was thrown into the gears of our marriage and it was as if we were starting all over, this time as parents.
Life with Amos has been so wonderful and full. I’m so thankful for him and have loved celebrating Christmas with him this year.

I am excited that this is Flannery’s first Christmas, not just so I can do the typical “baby’s first Christmas” bit but also because at ten months old, she’s old enough and expressive enough that I actually feel like she is experiencing things with us. She loves looking at the snow and Christmas tree and I’m looking forward to her reaction to wrapping paper. 
It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year already since I was largely pregnant, awaiting her arrival.

It’s been a full ten years, so much so that the memories of living the single life are faint. And even though there are moments that I pine for them, I am immeditaley reminded of how richly blessed I am, by my family.
They are gifts.


About sarah partain

Mama of two little ones, wife of one awesome one. Believer, daughter, sister, friend. Extrovert.
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2 Responses to Ten years later…

  1. ande says:

    Cute ornaments. But when I saw the first one I thought, why did they make one that said SIN backwards? It really did take a few looks before I realized what it meant:)

  2. Sheila says:

    So sweet!


    Are those cookies? How did you make them? I think my boys would get a kick out of seeing their names on the tree. 🙂

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