Multiple personalities?!

“Thursday is the only day that I’ve been looking forward to…”

The Features

Today is Thursday, one of my favorite days of the week. And as I was remembering this today, I realized that when I think about the days of the week, they all have personalities. Or feels. Or themes…

For some reason, Thursday’s theme/feel/personality is “regroup.” It’s the day that I take a deep breath and catch up from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s the day that feels full of promise and success and at the same time, feels peaceful and quiet. It’s the day that usually has the least planned activities but is a school day.
By this time in the week, we’ve had preschool, one or two community groups, MOPS, grocery shopping and errands, and a whole other host of possibilities. I’ve cooked and (hopefully) have cleaned and been out and about enough to be worn out. I look forward to dinner, as we sometimes have Wolfy join us and then the guys leave for music practice and I kick it into high gear for bed time. The earlier the better!
Thursdays end with me watching my favorite show, “The Office.” I miss Nathan and yet, enjoy the chance to introvert and gear up for Friday…

Do your days have personalities? What’s Thursday’s theme?



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3 Responses to Multiple personalities?!

  1. Thursdays always have the potential to be really great or really horrible. It’s the day when Dan is gone from 10am to possibly 1am. Still, it’s a day I get to spend with my boys. It’s the day that I can spend any way I want-library, zoo, park, etc. It’s the day when Sarah Jensen comes to help out with Eli so I can clean my house. I look forward to Thursdays with excitement and a bit of hesitation.

  2. I love Thursdays too. But I also typically really love Saturdays as well…

  3. Beth says:

    Thursday definitely has a personality as it’s the one day each week I leave the kiddos at home and head to work at my part-time job. I feel a little extra freedom and independence for the day. I can have lunch with coworkers (and some adult conversations that don’t revolve around parenting!) I can sometimes even squeeze in a quick trip to Target all by myself!

    Those things are nice and all, but honestly the best thing about Thursday is the constant reminder of perspective. Ultimately I am reminded that it is a privilege to be able to be at home all the other days of the week. With my girls is really where I want to be.

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